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Skylights & Roof Windows

Features & Benefits of Skylights & Roof Windows

Increase Of Natural Sunlight

  • Improves physical & psychological health.

Reduce Energy Consumption

  • Lessened use of artificial lighting will reduce electricity use by as much as 10%, and lower heating bills.


  • Daylight provides better color and definition of space & architectural details.

Increased Ventilation

  • Skylights that open can provide positive airflow in a home.

Save Money

  • Receive a tax break with certain skylights per square foot of your roof.

As a Certified Velux Solutions Installer, Stevens Home Improvement can add any VELUX Roof Window or Skylight product to your home. Velux skylights come in many styles and sizes and will transform any room into a spacious haven of natural light and enhanced air circulation.

VELUX Skylights are the only skylights to meet the ENERGY STAR approval guidelines in all climate zones, and they are 40% more efficient than most national building codes require. This means they promote energy efficiency and can save you money on utility bills - all while enhancing the look of your living space.

Skylights, roof windows, southeastern MA, South Shore MA, Cape Cod, RI Skylights, roof windows, southeastern MA, South Shore MA, Cape Cod, RI

Ten good reasons to replace skylights when replacing roof

  • Coinciding warranty – New VELUX "No Leak" skylights offer an industry first comprehensive 10 Year "No Leak" warranty that covers the skylight and its installation against leaks for 10 years. This warranty will coincide with the warranty of the new roof.
  • Energy efficiency – VELUX "No Leak" skylights offer the most energy efficient glazing technology available. The advanced LoE3 coating provides more daylight and better heat control than any other glass previously offered for year round comfort and energy savings.
  • Condensation resistance – VELUX LoE3 glass offers nearly 3 times the resistance to interior condensation as does clear insulating glass.
  • UV Protection – VELUX LoE3 glass reflects 83% of the sun's fade causing rays. Clear insulating reflects about 30%.
  • Design Flexibility – VELUX skylights are available in fixed, manual venting and motorized venting models complete with rain sensors. VELUX Roof Windows meet the requirements of the fire egress codes. There is a model available to be installed on any roof pitch or with any roofing material.
  • Pre-finished Interior – VELUX "No Leak" skylights offer a pre-finished interior as standard. No painting or staining is required.
  • Shading and window treatments – All VELUX skylights offer a variety of optional electric, manual and solar powered blinds for added comfort and energy efficiency. Solar powered blinds qualify for U.S. government energy tax credits.
  • Compatibility – We offer sizes that are compatible to virtually any brand or type of skylight available.
  • Quality and value – According to annual brand use surveys done by the readers of BUILDER MAGAZINE, VELUX skylights rank as the highest quality, best value and the most used residential skylights in the USA. In fact, in over 25 years of this survey, we have never been rated less than #1 in these categories.
  • Convenience – The easiest and best time to replace a skylight is when the roof is replaced.
Skylights, roof windows, southeastern MA, South Shore MA, Cape Cod, RI Skylights, roof windows, southeastern MA, South Shore MA, Cape Cod, RI
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Skylights brighten your living space with natural light

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