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CertainTeed Roofing

Architectural/Designer Shingles:

An architectural/designer shingle adds depth and dimension to a roof, which is achieved through a number of innovative designs. The first utilizes CertainTeed's patented Shingle® technology. These can be constructed in two ways:

  • A full base shingle with randomly applied vertical tabs.
  • A full-size base shingle that utilizes unique overlay technology whereby an additional layer of asphalt and colored granules are applied in a random pattern.

The second design involves two-piece laminates, where approximately half of a shingle strip is laminated to a full-size top shingle with a pattern cut out. Some products have specific accessories to ensure a beautiful look. CertainTeed's architectural/design shingles come with 25-, 30-, 35- and 40-year limited warranties.

A roof raised in New England, where hard work is a birthright, ferocious winters are the norm, and actions speak louder than words. Woodscape® Series consists of premier fiber glass shingles in three graduated weights.

  • Woodscape® 30
    30-year limited, transferable warranty includes 5-year SureStart® protection. Available in the Northeast and parts of Mid-Atlantic and Lake Central sales regions.


Classic New England character is its signature.

The palette is colorful and honest -- like the countryside itself. Nothing overstated here. Nothing overpromised, either. The Woodscape® Series was raised in a place where weather can be ferocious, where demands on a roof are high. And where actions speak louder than words. Beauty is, after all, self-evident. As for toughness and durability, time alone will tell that tale.

A hard working product that is the product of hard work These are heavy-duty, hard-working shingles built to weather the elements and the storms that so often accompany the changing seasons. The mat is an especially tough fiber glass. The laminate construction makes the shingles strong enough to resist rot, decay, and damage from the sun's rays. After all, what good is a beautiful roof if it doesn't stay beautiful?

Regional Availability

Northeast and parts of Lake Central sales regions.


  • Tough fiber glass mat
  • Laminated shingle (12" x 36")
  • 300 lbs. per square (Woodscape 40)
  • 265 lbs. per square (Woodscape 30)
  • 250 lbs. per square (Woodscape 25)
  • UL Class A fire resistance
  • ASTM E 108 Class A fire resistance
  • UL Wind Resistance Self-Sealing (ASTM D3161)
  • UL Certified to meet ASTM D3462
  • Conforms to BOCA building code requirements
  • Conforms to CSA Standard A123.5-98

Woodscape® 30, 50 Warranty Information

  • 40-year (Woodscape 40), 30-year (Woodscape 30), 25-year (Woodscape 25) limited transferable warranty against manufacturing defects
  • 5-year SureStart™ protection
  • See actual warranty for specific details and limitations
  • 40-year, 30-year and 25-year limited transferable warranties, including 5-year SureStart™ protection, are applicable only in the United States, its territories and Canada; for products sold outside these areas, please refer to the International Warranty for specific details and limitations.
CertainTeed Roofing CertainTeed Roofing

CertainTeed Roofing

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