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Features & Benefits of Gutters

Save Thousands On Home Repairs

  • Prevent backsplash, washouts, erosion, and flooded basements.

Curb Appeal

  • Gutters come in an array of colors that will accent your home beautifully.


  • Old cluttered gutters can have nests for unwanted critters.


  • Advances in technology allow new gutters to control the flow of water around your home, particularly in bad weather.

General Health

  • Prevent pooling of water and decrease your chances of mildew & mold.

Stevens Home Improvement Company is proud to recommend quality LeafProof ® Gutter products to homeowners throughout southeastern MA, South Shore MA, Cape Cod, and Rhode Island. LeafProof Gutter Protection is the optimum solution for keeping your gutters free of clogging debris, eliminating the task of cleaning out your gutters and downspouts, and preventing snow and ice buildup inside your gutter during the winter months.

Why is LeafProof superior to other gutter protection products?

LeafProof is the only gutter protection product on the market today that fits existing gutters, can be cleaned from the ground, is not screwed into the roof or fascia, and is securely installed under the first row of shingles.

How does LeafProof work?

Each section of LeafProof is divided by LeafProof's patented "S" bend. This "S" bend runs the entire length of the section of LeafProof and it allows the contractor to bend the section of LeafProof that slides under the shingles to match the roof's pitch. When a section of LeafProof is bent to match the roof's pitch, the section that covers the gutter remains relatively flat. When water flows from the roof and over the "S" bend, the "S" bend causes the water to churn, which along with the slope of the section covering the gutter, significantly reduces the speed of the water flow. Each section of LeafProof completely covers the gutter to the gutter lip. When the water reaches the gutter lip, due to surface tension, the flow is reversed and enters the water channel, which drains into the gutter.

How does LeafProof prevent leaves and other debris from entering the gutter?

If you view LeafProof from directly above (see right) you cannot see LeafProof's water channel. When the flow of water reaches the point directly above the water channel, the flow will reverse direction as a result of surface tension, and the water will drain into the gutter. Most debris will not follow this reversal or is blown off the roof by the wind when dry.

Will a very heavy rain overflow LeafProof?

No. When properly installed, LeafProof will handle the heaviest rainfall ever recorded in one hour in America (11 inches). Rainfall this heavy is an extremely rare and dangerous occurrence. (If it is raining this hard, you will not be concerned about your gutters, you will be wondering if there is any room on the "ark") In fact, most gutter systems will overflow between 3 to 4 inches per hour. Therefore, manufacturers that advertise their gutter cover can handle 21 inches of rain an hour are misleading because most gutters cannot handle this amount of rainfall.

Will LeafProof work on roofs with steep pitches?

Yes, as described in question 2, LeafProof's patented "S" bend and design will reduce the water's speed and permit the water to enter the water channel without overflow.

Why is it important that a homeowner be able to clean a gutter cover from the ground?

Any product that is placed on the exterior of a home will require some maintenance. For example, windows and vinyl siding must be cleaned. Gutter covers are not an exception. Gutter cover manufacturers that claim their product is maintenance-free and will never clog are simply not stating the truth. LeafProof is the only gutter cover on the market that is installed under the first row of shingles and allows you to perform this necessary maintenance without climbing on a ladder or standing on your roof.

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