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Custom Porches /Screened Porches / Farmer's Porches

A porch is a structure that is generally attached to the front or back entrance of a home. The porch is external to the walls of the main house, but the porch may be enclosed by screen, latticework, broad windows, or other light frame walls extending from the main structure.

Porches typically are architecturally unified with the rest of the house, while decks typically are open to the sky and do not necessarily integrate in design with the rest of the structure.

Features & Benefits of Porches

An affordable extension of outdoor living space

  • Porches provide the perfect area for family gatherings & outdoor entertainment

Screened porches protect against insects

  • Enjoy the outdoors without pesky insects, especially mosquitoes carrying EEE

Porches increase the value of your home

  • A well-built porch adds to the equity of your property

Screened porches, covered porches, & farmer's porches

Stevens Home Improvement Company has constructed numerous custom porches throughout southeastern MA, South Shore MA, Cape Cod, and RI, and has decades of experience in planning and building quality porches in the southern New England region.

Screened porches protect your family and guests from annoying insects. Screened porches provide the peace of mind that harmful mosquitoes carrying Eastern Equine Encephalitis won't be a problem. Over the past few years, cases of EEE infections have been reported in the eastern Massachusetts region.

There are many styles of custom covered porches and farmer's porches. Covered porches provide protection from sun or rain, while adding valuable exterior living space. Porches can accommodate chairs, tables, and other furniture, enhancing the value of the porch as a place of relaxation and entertainment.

Planning your custom porch project

The key to any successful porch project is having a good plan. Stevens Home Improvement Company can assist you with a well thought out porch plan, so you'll be able to visualize what the end result will be. Our experienced contractors will use the finest materials and will build a quality, long-lasting porch that will stand the test of time and add solid value to your home.

Stevens Home Improvement Company will help to develop a plan that fits your needs and tastes. When building a porch, these questions will have to be answered:

  • Will the porch match and complement the house?
  • What is the best location for the porch?
  • How functional/convenient will the porch be?
  • Is the size of the porch too big/small for the yard and house?

Keep in mind future updates and features for your porch plan. For example, perhaps you might consider a plan with the flexibility to have screen windows that would easily upgrade to sliding glass doors. This requires large headers and temporary stud bracing which must be included in the plan.

A final plan consideration is where to locate the entry from the house to the porch. It may be possible to utilize an existing window or door opening to save some time, framing lumber and allow the entry to fit in with the scheme of the house.

Custom Porches /Screened Porches / Farmer's Porches Custom Porches /Screened Porches / Farmer's Porches

Custom Porches /Screened Porches / Farmer's Porches

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